Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1-19-91 to 1-19-11

20 years! Jimmy and I are celebrating our 20 year anniversary today!

So to commemorate this amazing event, I've gathered photos from the past 20 years. Oh so very many of them are so unflattering, but that is life. We've had some unflattering and unhappy moments, but we've manage to get through all of them together, through sickness and in health, richer or poorer, through the good times and the bad, we've loved and cherished each other for 20 years.
When it all began one afternoon in Claremont, CA, 1991.

After my SIL's college graduation from Pepperdine University. 1992.

Huntington Lake, summer 1993.

I don't have any scanned pics of us together from 1994 but I couldn't resist posting this great photo of Jimmy. It's one of my fav photos of him.

Atop the Space Needle in Seattle, February 1995.

On the beach at Carmel, 1996.

Maui, Dec 1998.

Christmas 1999.

Purple Magma Christmas Party at the Brewers, 2000.

Kauai, celebrating our 10 year anniversary, 2001.

Carmel, spring 2002.

Christmas 2003.

After Jimmy's hockey game, 2004.

Christmas 2005.

Yosemite, 2006.

Celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary, 2007.

Sedona watching the sunset, 2008.

Exploring the forest the 1st summer with the rhino, 2009.

In Golden Gate Park, 2010.

Tonight, on our 20th anniversary, after dinner at Tadich Grill and watching the Maltese Falcon.


Photo Cache said...


always wanted to sample the much touted fare at tadich grill - let us know how it is.

Nan said...

Happy anniversary to both of you. What a great idea putting a picture per year! I showed my daughter when she came over and she loved it, too. I'm trying to get caught up on a lot of blog reading, and, I can tell you right now, I've missed reading your blog so much!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! And the photos are lovely. How happy you look together!

mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Ginnie said...

20 years! You are definitely to be reckoned with. That's a wonderful milestone. Keep it up!

Just the other day (after seeing "The Rock" movie) Astrid said something about hoping to visit San Francisco one day. I immediately thought of you and said it would be our time to meet you and Jimmy, whenever we come. :)