Saturday, December 04, 2010

Seeing Red {December Daily 4}

Today we did a driving tour of the city with Roni and John.

Every now and then, we'd see a handful of people dressed up in Santa Claus outfits.

But as we were driving around the Castro, we started noticing more and more Santa Clauses.

Then once we turned onto Market Street...

We hit the motherlode of Santa Clauses.

They were pouring into and out of this bar.

What a festive sight! And certainly something our family from Alaska has never seen before.

Speaking of sights never seen before...

When we drove them over the Golden Gate Bridge
it was late in the afternoon and the sky was as grey as it had been all day. But just a few minutes later,
the sun shined through a break in the clouds and the setting sun cast an amazing glow on the bridge and the city skyline. (not enhanced)

It was breath taking. Jimmy and I had never seen the bridge like that before. What a great way to show off our famous landmark!


Anonymous said...

Giggle. The Santas would have made me giggle. So neat! And the bridge shot is amazing. I want to take a driving tour with you!

Ginnie said...

Gorgeous images of the bridge!

We're getting ready on the 18th for our annual Santa walk/run here in Holland, Mad, when everone who participates dresses up in a Santa outfit. I'm hoping I'll have pictures of it a couple weeks from now!