Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hour by Hour (December Daily 2}

Ah, December is living up to its promise of being full to the brim. Starting at 10:15 every hour had something scheduled. Then an added emergency car repair even before leaving home, put me 1/2 an hour behind schedule. It's now nearly midnight, no time to create a cute scrapbook page commemorating the day, so I'll just highlight some of todays events so I can remember them when I do create that page.

-10:15, backing out of parking space, something is not right with the car. Run upstairs to fetch Jimmy. He, of course, fixes it and...
-10:45, I'm on my merry way.
-11:25, get the SUV from parentals who have been kindly storing it for us since we moved. Need the bigger car because company is coming tomorrow.
-11:35, en route to San Jose.
-12:30, San Jose just in time for weekly appointment.
-1:20, pick up punch from Elizabeth
-2pm, lunch @ Ragoots in Morgan Hill - asparagus artichoke soup and side salad-yummy!!
-2:40, en route to Gilroy

-3pm, Christmas hello with Bridget and catch up with what has happened the past year
-4:15, back to San Jose
-4:45, allergy shots
-5:45, Trader Joes
-6:15, Target
-6:45, what? I have half an hour with nothing to do? Think I'll do a few sudoku puzzles.

-7:15, Pampered Chef party at Kristina's with Julie. Yummy Antipasti Pull-Apart Pizza, raspberry lime punch and chocolate peppermint bark.
-9:40, en route back home
-10:40, home! clean up...guests coming 9am tomorrow morning, staying overnight
-11:40, downtime, get to play on computer a bit till bedtime.

pic of bridget and me from summer 1983. Oh yea, gotta love the paper tiaras!


Photo Cache said...

i'm tired!

had been to my first pampered chef too. did you buy anything?

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading this.