Friday, December 24, 2010

Eve of Christmas {December Daily 24}

I am so lucky! Jimmy is 1 of 7 siblings, 4 of them are together this Christmas along with their significants and offspring. They were all discussing during Christmas Eve dinner about being siblings and who picked on who and what it was like being the oldest or the youngest. I love being an observer of their conversations. Ginger, being familiar with my situation and how I felt growing up, mentioned that even with all the sibling craziness they had while growing up, at least they were never ever I was all the time being an only. I was happy to say, and felt it truthfully to my bones, that I may have been lonely growing up but I'm so blessed to be making up for it now.

It's such an amazing feeling to be at a dinner table with this family with all the extendeds and feeling like you are exactly where you belong.

The nieces are staying overnight with us in the big city. Of course, we HAD to take them to our favorite spot. Even though it was nearly midnight on Christmas Eve. Can you believe they were open till midnight on Christmas Eve? Isn't that what crazy aunts and uncles are suppose to do with their teenage nieces?

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Ginnie said...

I'd want you and Jimmy for an aunt and uncle, for sure, Mad. :) You may remember that I'm one of 8 children, so I know what Jimmy experiences. My mom was an only child! And often the spouses of multi-sibling families were only children or one of two, as Astrid is. So fun and wonderful.