Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Countdown Begins {December Daily 1}

It's that time of the year again! 25 more days till Christmas and you know that the time will go by way too fast. And many days, if not most of them, will be filled more with frustration rather than joy. As much as we love celebrating the spirit of Christmas, we all too often find ourselves kinda grinchy because of all the pressure we put on ourselves. So it's time to step back from the chaos and take a few moments to document these days. Sounds like more pressure, yes? But I have so much fun looking back on my December Daily minibook from last year that in the end, it truly was worth it.

In October, I took a class from Debby Schuh and we made this album. I decided to use it as my album to document my days of December. I'll add pages as I go and embellish the ones that we created in class.

In the class, we made this pocket as a place to store our Christmas Wish List. I decided to change it and make it my 1st day of December pocket of goodness. LOL.

I added a bit of journaling about the day and 3 photos I took while I was out.

They just slip right into the pocket.

All I had to do to finish this page was print the 3 photos then write and print out my journaling.
Tah-dah! December 1st finished and documented!

Also, I have to include this song. While I was in Macy's today it came on and it made me smile and think of a dear bloggy friend. It was a part of my day that made me happy.
¿Donde Esta Santa Claus?

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Anonymous said...

Grin. . . that song makes me very happy, thanks for sharing it.

And I love that you are taking a breath to stop and enjoy the season. May your joy overwhelm your frustration.