Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Worst Christmas Present {December Daily 15}

I thought I felt well enough to venture on foot today so I did a little shopping and returned something I decided wasn't quite right.
For lunch, stopped into a little cafe I've walked by a dozen times, Cafe Madeleine. Can you believe it took me 3 1/2 months try a cafe that's named after me? I was being snooty because they misspelling my name!! LOL!! Actually, i thought they were just a sweets and coffee shop but turns out they have soup, sandwiches and salads, too. So I grabbed a cup of soup and a cafe au lait then headed home to enjoy them. Yummy! I have a feeling this will become my new favorite cafe and maybe next time I'll have to try one of their delicious french pastries.

I loved the cute little Santa hat I made at Elizabeth's last week that I made a handful of them for my Chistmas dinner w/ crafting friends for tomorrow night. I made something similar last year after Kristina showed me the trick. You can click on that link and it'll take you to her blog with instructions.

E came over for dinner while Jimmy configured her wifi for her. So thrilled to have her so close by!! But unfortunately, I think I gave her the worst Christmas present. She came over with a cold...I just saw her on Sunday...the timing is suspicious with the bug I've been battling and the bug she has now. Curses!! Hope she feels better before the weekend! And I hope all of you stay healthy, too!

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I spy a button tree!