Monday, November 01, 2010

Giants win the World Series!!

It's absolutely electric in San Francisco tonight!!! The Giants just won the World Series! San Francisco has never won a World Series Championship so this has been a long awaited victory! Admittedly, I'm a bandwagon jumper and wouldn't care nearly this much if we still lived in San Jose, but truly, the spirit that everyone in the entire Bay Area is feeling is infectious and of course, living so close to the ball park definitely brings it closer to my heart!

The last game was in Texas, but the city had a big screen at Civic Center and at the 7th inning Jimmy went to celebrate with the crowd. Here's a short video shot of the scene after the big win.

All of the landmarks in SF are lit in Giants Orange. It's truly a magical place to be right now. We couldn't have moved at a better time and to a better location.

On another quick note, I'm planning on blogging every day this month to celebrate Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year. I'll keep to a Daily Gratitude theme, like I did last year. I definitely have a lot to be grateful for all the time but more so this year in particular. So naturally, to start the month of:
Today I am grateful that the Giants won the World Series!!

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