Wednesday, November 03, 2010

11/3 Gratitude: More Giants and SF Pride

How lucky am I that I can just walk a few blocks and be able to watch the Giants Parade down Market Street? The last time the city had a parade honoring the Giants was in 1958 when the franchise moved from NY to SF. We've never won a World Series championship and the entire Bay Area is celebrating. And it's truly united the city, it's not just about the game. There's just so much happiness that is going around this city, it's intoxicating.

An hour before the parade started. The streets are already packed!

Every vantage point, from bus stop roof tops to trees, was taken. I even suspect those window washers stayed there when the parade started.

Willie Mays...he came to SF in 1958 with the Giants and was in the welcoming parade. 52 years later, he's in the parade again, finally celebrating a championship for San Francisco!

Lou Seal, the Giants mascot

Bruce Bochy, the Giants manager with the trophy

The procession of players...they all rode in Cable Cars, 2 players per car. Can't get more San Francisco than that!

Cody Ross-MVP for the National League Pennant

Confetti falling from the sky

People with a great view out their office windows

As the parade ends and works its way to the Civic Center, the mob of people slowly disperse happily and peacefully.

Thank you Giants!


Shammickite said...

I saw part of the Giants victory parade on Market St on the sports TV news yesterday, looked for you in the crowd cos I knew you'd be there, would love to say that I saw you but there were just too many people to pick you out of the crowd!!! So I waved at the TV screen anyway!!!
What fun. Reminds me of when the Toronto Blue Jays won the series in 92 and 93, the town went absolutely wild!!!!

Shammickite said...

p.s. it's my birthday today!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm-so-JEALOUS!!!! - v

Photo Cache said...

love these giants shots. i was there too.