Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29 Gratitude: Sunny walkabout town

It was a very crisp fall day today but it was sunny so the cool temps were brightened by the clear skies.

Since we moved to the city, it's common for me to walk 2 or 3 miles just to run some errands. My post office is about a mile away and it's faster to walk there than to drive there. Along the way and then back home, I get a lot of opportunities to enjoy the views.

I never get tired of admiring the Bay Bridge.

Views from Pier 14.

Views from SFMOMA's Rooftop Sculpture Garden:

Looking towards Market Street from SFMOMA Rooftop.

View of the Pac Bell Building on 140 New Montgomery Street: Built in 1925 in neo-gothic style architecture.

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