Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Barbie Doll and Carousel

Besides the weather, I'm not sure I'll be able to see any visual changes in the season now that we live in the city. Trees are few and far between in this concrete jungle that I live in. But fall always makes me reflect on the blessings that i'm bestowed. And the past few days, I've been blessed with friendship.

I've been friends with Barbie, who I affectionately call My Barbie Doll, for 15 years. We worked together at Christmas retail store at the local mall in 1995 and became kindred spirits. She moved away over 10 years ago and we've still kept in touch. She came to San Francisco with her beloved husband to celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary, along with her granddaughter and her boyfriend, who were also celebrating their 1 year anniversary together. We had dinner overlooking the fishing boats and the bay with the foggy Golden Gate Bridge in the horizon. I haven't seen her in 7 years, but time doesn't seem to matter that much with kindred spirits. Kindred spirits can pick up like no time has passed.

My friend Kristina and her 2 beautiful kiddos came up to the city to visit this afternoon. We had so much fun playing hide and seek in our apartment, then walked over to the park and played for a couple of hours. There's a nice urban park nearby and the kids loved playing in it. It helps that there's an old fashioned carousel (constructed in 1906) that offers 2 rides per person! I couldn't believe how fast time flew because it felt like I blinked and it was 4pm and they were on the train back down the peninsula.

Last night, I went crafting with 3 other friends and we made this cool fall card. It looks like a regular card, but when you open it, you can display it like an easel by propping the front of the card against the sentiment, which is raised just a tad to keep the front of the card from falling.


Shammickite said...

You're such a clever girl, making that lovely card!
How nice to meet up with good friends and show them your new apartment and your new neighbourhood. Thos children are so cute! And I love the idea of the free rides on the carousel. There's an antique carousel on the way to Niagara at Port Dalhousie... rides are 5 cents!

Kristina Baldwin said...

Such darling children! No bias here! LOL Loved spending the day with you yesterday. L was talking about you and our adventure today at preschool. He's definitely smitten!

Anonymous said...

wait, i thought we were kindred spirits!? :-) - v