Saturday, August 28, 2010

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The biggest challenge with cleaning out my closest yesterday was parting with shoes and purses that I've loved for so many years. I have no problem getting rid of clothes, but I have an attachment to my bags and shoes. The ones I got rid of, I brought them with me 7 years ago when we moved and if I'm lucky, I've used them once since. So it was time to part ways with these beloved materialistic goodies and bid them a fond fairwell.

My old lady bag. I didn't care what everyone else said, I loved this bag. It was my 1st bag that had a dedicated cell phone pocket, which was needed since it was a deep bag. I carried it a couple of years in the early 2000s and have held onto it all these years because it's a very user friendly bag.

This was the hardest of all the bags I got rid of to part with. My SIL gave this to me right after her wedding at Catalina Island in 2002. It matches everything and surprisingly fits everything you really need. No frivolous things obviously, but your cell phone, wallet, camera and a few other small necessities fit perfectly without being bulky. I used this bag a lot and still did every year for a few months. Ok...I'm pulling this out of the goodwill bag, it's going back into my closet. I'd rather get rid of one of my designer bags that i'm only keeping because they're designer.

Speaking of designer bags...sort of that is...this is my fake Burberry bag. I only carried this for maybe 2 weeks because I got so self conscious carrying a fake. If it were made a little better, like if the pattern matched on the seaming, I might not have minded as much. But it's so easy to tell a fake when there's a strong pattern. I remember the day vividly that I bought got suckered into buying it. I took the train to SF to meet my cousin for lunch. As we were walking downtown, "the bag man" was out on the street selling lots of imitations. There were a half dozen or dozen other women surrounding his small table. I got caught up in the frenzy and bought my fake. I was so proud of myself. I thought I'd be able to fool everyone with this fakey! Well, I couldn't fool myself and I'm certain that I couldn't fool anyone else who was a true designer bag carrier. Common now, those patterns are a dead giveaway! So, it's time to get rid of the fakey. Besides, said cousin got me a real one for one of my extra special birthday's so now I can proudly say I actually own a real Burberry.

This was my favorite bag in the mid to late 90s. Truthfully, I'm much more a Timberland/Eddie Bauer/REI girl than I am a Designer Bag girl. So this was my rugged, take with me everywhere, throw around and don't worry about it bag. In fact, this is the bag I left in a Barstow Del Taco during a stop from Vegas back home to the Bay Area, and shockingly got it back with all my belongings still inside. Thankfully, Jimmy's brother lived in Barstow at the time to get it back for me. Good bag.

Now. I hate hats. I look TERRIBLE in hats. I looked horrible in this hat. The only reason I kept this hat for 15 years is because of the memory behind it. Jimmy and I were on a roadtrip to Washington and Oregon in Feb 1995. Our car broke down while we were in Oregon and we had to rent a car for a week while they fixed it. A really bad snow storm hit while we were travelling and California girl didn't have any winter weather gear. It was cold enough to actually need a hat, so I bought this wool hat and it worked like a charm! I was very happy with my hat. Jimmy and I could much more happily enjoy the rest of our trip, not fearing that all my heat would escape from the top of my head. I only wore it on that trip, but it's been tagging along with me for the past 15 years. Goodbye ugly hat. You served me well when I needed you though.

Now onto shoes. How in the world did I amass such a big collection of fancy shoes when I'm totally a tennies and flip-flop type of gal? Oh yea, I love pretty shoes. And I've been to some weddings and funerals, a couple of cruises, and once upon a time I worked at CBS Network in Hollywood. So since I like pretty shoes, any reason to buy them, I'll grab it with gusto! But that means they'll usually only get worn once maybe twice.
Pretty shoes. I wore these to my BFF Monica's wedding. I was her matron of honor. I wore these a few more times after the wedding, but they're not exactly comfortable.

Cruise shoes. Bought these for a cruise and only wore them for the cruise. Buh-bye cruise shoes.

My beautiful pointy-toed boots. Oh how I love these boots and will do a fair bit of regret giving these completely impractical boots away.

Classic black pumps. Worn once. How can anyone get rid of a pair of classic black pumps? Surely, one day a time will come when I'll need a pair of classic black pumps. Well, it hasn't happened in 16 years so goodbye to the classic black pumps.

Fun, a little funky and super high shoes I wore more than a couple times, but not much more than that. I got these for my BIL's wedding in New York in 1998. I felt so very tall in them! Surprisingly, they're quite comfortable so I've kept them thinking they're still so wearable. Maybe, but wearing them once every 5 or 7 years isn't a good reason to keep them, so I bid you, my beautiful shoes, adieu.

Do you have a relationship with your closet? Do your clothes, bags and shoes bring back memories? Why is it so hard to part with these things?


Shammickite said...

Ohhhh all those lovely shoes! Bye Bye shoes.
And those bags! Bye Bye bags.
I'm doing the same, but haven't got to the shoes or bags yet, still working on all the man-stuff in the garage and workshop.

rosemary said...

I am having chest pain looking at the bags and shoes....I have given some of my bags to my daughter, but i still have tons that I can't part with. if i had to move I'd be in big trouble. i have more pure crap that 20 people. That last post brought back horrors of packing when we moved to Idaho.

Anonymous said...

yes to the burberry! yes to sewing! yes to you moving to SF! yes to me visiting! - v

mommy said...

Out with the old, in with the new!! I love your shoe/bag stories!! Happy packing. :)