Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Narrowing it down

As mentioned yesterday, we had appointments to look at 2 more homes today and it looks like one of them will be 'home' in a few weeks. Both were the best we've seen this whole week. both are wonderful in fact. but they are complete polar opposites of each other. So now it's a matter of figuring out which one will suit our needs the best.

I'll start with the home.
It's absolutely beautiful. As gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside.

It has a one car garage with room on the driveway for 2 more cars.

There's also tons of storage space in the garage.

You walk in the front door into this beautiful entry. Love the built ins, the curved entryway, wood floors, crown molding.

The very large living room has a stunning fireplace and more gorgeous built-ins.

More beautiful built-ins in the formal dining room. there's also a small breakfast nook off the kitchen.

The kitchen isn't great and it's odd that the fridge is in that other room.

But in that room, there are stairs that go down to a 4th bedroom with it's own bathroom. No pics of that room, it's very plain with worn indoor/outdoor carpeting. If we end up in this house, we probably won't even use this room unless Jimmy keeps his hockey equipment in there. The garage is down there, too.

the upstairs bathroom would be a bit of a liability. But it has some charm.

the upper level, just maybe 5 or 6 steps up, are the main 3 bedrooms. All of them were very nice sized.

There's also a small yard in the back.

One last snapshot of the front door as we leave.

Now onto the the highrise condo.
Talk about a complete 180 from the house.

It's on the 7th floor of a 21 story building.
After saying hello to the doorman and taking the elevator up, you walk through the front door to a large room with a kitchen, living room and dining room combined.

The kitchen in this home is high end and very modern.

So are the bathrooms. This is the guest bath. I didn't snap a pic of the master bath but it's bigger.

No good pics to share of the 2 bedrooms, but they were average, standard bedrooms. Nothing special.

We would live in there somewhere. South of Market. That main street is Market and south is on the right. And Jimmy would work 3 1/2 blocks from where we would live.

We had a lot to talk about on the way back home to San Jose.

modern or 1920s tudor style?
Garage and lots of parking?
Convenience of living downtown?
is the commute worth it?
lots of space and storage?
sell a car?
Get rid of furniture because of all the built ins?
Get rid of furniture because there's not enough space?
Get rid of a LOT more stuff besides furniture?
Front door opening to a hallway?
Front door opening out to the great sky outside?
Fog belt?
Clear skies?
Close to public transportation?
Close to freeways?
Will we want to move in 2 years?
If so, where to?
A spare bedroom for guests?
guests will have to sleep in the living room?
Easy street parking for guests?
Keep lots of quarters on hand for guests to park at meters?
The house allows pets.
The condo does not.
Are we ready to make such a drastic change?
Or should we maintain some semblance of familiarity?

And that is where we are.

Though we think we've decided on one over the other.

I'll let ya know when the lease is signed.


Shammickite said...

I'm assuming that these are For Rent not For Sale? I heard that everyone rents in the SF area, houses are far too expensive to buy. This is very exciting. I think I might go for the hi-rise apartment, and enjoy living right downtown, but you said no pets. :-(
But the house has charm too. And you'd have room for me when I come to stay!!

angie said...

I love the house but it would be cool to live in the city too. I am dying to know which you picked.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting on the two love animals! :-) - v

Shammickite said...

I came back to see which one you have chosen. I think it will be the house. But maybe not! perhaps something else might come up.....

rosemary said...

Oh My Goodness....Madeline!!!! Jimmy!!!!! What happened to the adorable places you showed us? None available? I am almost as excited as you. I can hardly wait to hear which you picked. I'm leaning towards the house too....but maybe not. I think high rise living might be exciting. So, Jimmy is leaving Amazon? Please, please email and let me know. Please.