Friday, August 13, 2010

Loud Things, Big Things, Catching Up on Things

It appears that I failed on my commitment to blog every day this month. So I'll take a moment and catch up on a few things.

For our 1st anniversary in 1992 when we were still living in Southern California, I got Jimmy Rush concert tickets even though I didn't like them at the time. But I knew that I have the tendency to appreciate things better once I see it in person, so after that 1st concert, I learned to appreciate their style, the lyrics and Geddy Lee's voice more.
Since then, Jimmy's gone several more times without me but when I started playing Rock Band a few years ago, I learned to appreciate music for the sound and instruments, not just the melody and the lyrics. A video game actually gave me an "ah ha" musical moment. I could hear the difference between a guitar and bass. I paid attention to the drums and keyboards rather than just to how meaningful or catchy the lyrics were. So when Jimmy heard that Rush was touring again this year, he thought I'd enjoy it a lot more than I did 18 years ago. And I did!
Wow, it was so incredible I really can't even describe it. How they make that kind of music with their instruments is indescribable. I was mesmerized several times just watching them.

Wednesday night, we went to see Natalie Merchant in Oakland at the Fox Theatre.
Talk about a complete opposite experience from two nights before at the Rush concert. First of all, when she walked on stage, everyone applauded and some hooted loudly, but we all remained in our seats. My instinct was to stand and jump and scream at the top of my lungs, but as I looked around the theatre, no one was on their feet, so I just clapped loudly from my seat, too. At Rush, and even the Sugarland concert I went to in April, we never sat down from the time they went out on stage.
Before each song, Natalie I can be on a first name basis with her because I was lucky enough to be in the 4th row center so was up close and personal spoke about the inspiration behind it. She's very expressive in her performance. I hesitate to call it a performance because it felt more intimate than that. She gave two encores...finally the entire audience got on our feet to give her a much deserved standing ovation!

It's been another great week of crafting goodness.
Carol, Angie's mom is in town and we got together and took a class at Cranberry Merchantile in Sunnyvale. Irena showed us how to do 3 beautiful cards using our cuttlebug and punches.

That same night, I went over to Kristina's to play and we made another couple of cute projects.

Then on Thursday, I went to Elizabeth's and I got to make 3 beautiful cards with her.

You may have gathered that I'm pretty passionate about my crafting. hee! well, with over 20 years of paper crafting, I've accumulated a crazy amount of stuff.

But big things are brewing and it is time to re-evaluate how much stuff I "need". So I've been spending a lot of hours in my crafting area.

This massive pile of stamps, which btw, were lovingly categorized, are going to my local crafters mall to find a new home. I'm not getting rid of all my stamps, I can't bear to part with about 40% of them. I admit that 1/2 way through this task I suffered a major bout of separation anxiety. I plunked down good hard earned money for all of these and saying good bye to them does ache more than just a little.
But I'm hoping that once I get them off my floor, priced to be resold and brought to the craft mall, I'll feel a big weight lifted and the burdon of having so much stuff will be gone.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

OK! So first of all, you know you guys are too cool for words, don't you? I am seriously living vicariously through you.

And my goodness! You are a crafter and a creater. . . it's apparent in all of your equipment and supplies. . . not to mention your amazing work.

Rush said...

It will be awesome to see RUSH perform MOVING PICTURES in it’s entirety. I was able to see Rush 3 times on the original Moving Pictures tour, Max Webster opened for them in Louisville Ky, It was so awesome!! Thanks for offering me discounted Rush Tickets . They were using a movie screen behind them that projected really cool images during the show. They were so far ahead of everyone else at the time… and still are.