Thursday, July 29, 2010

Warding off Vampires

Last weekend was the famous Garlic Festival in Gilroy, just 35 minutes from home. Gilroy is one of the hottest spots in the Bay Area, but this was suppose to be a 'mild' weekend with temperatures in the mid to high 80s rather than the typical near or above 100s during the festival. I've never gone to the garlic festival for that very reason, I don't like weather that hot. So I decided to go since I figured the temperatures wouldn't be that bad. Well, I lasted less than 2 hours before I couldn't take the heat any longer. It may have "only" been in the high 80s but in the direct sun with no breeze, it was smoking hot. But I managed to see and smell a lot, snap a few photos, eat some garlic fries and get a henna tattoo.
"May The Stink Be With You" - appropriate!

Probably the most popular thing at the garlic festival is the garlic fries.

My only indulgence while I was there. Tho I was tempted by lots and lots more flavorful goodness.

Gourmet Alley. Fresh made food...

Making Garlic Chicken Stir-fry. They can't make it fast enough!

Garlic rubbed tri-tip.

Garlic Pasta Sauce, yes. Garlic BBQ, yum. but Garlic Chocolate? No thank you.

Yep, you read that right! Garlic ice cream! Maybe not their most popular, but certainly their most famous food of the festival! The line was too long for me to sample a freebie.

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Shammickite said...

I've heard about this garlic festival at Gilroy, and I've also heard about garlic ice cream but I'm not sure that I'd really like to eat any! But I love food with garlic in it. I made pizza yesterday with loads of garlic, I probably stink this morning!