Tuesday, July 27, 2010

from 11 to 42

eek. While it's pretty cool that we're still in contact with each other, sometimes flashback photos can be pretty scary. Not the flashback part, but the now part. It's just mind boggling how fast time flies and how easy it is to put on 31 years.

Here's the flashback part:
Summer of 1979, i think.

Here's the Now part.
Bridget works about 35 minutes from me and I really should see her more often. But Linda's visit gave us the perfect reason to stop by and say hi. Bridget and Linda haven't seen each other in 24 years but it was easy to fall back into conversation, as if the years never separated us.


Anonymous said...

Linda still sports the bangs! :-) -v

Shammickite said...

What fun. I haven't ever met up with any of my friends I had when I was 11.... wonder where they all are?