Sunday, June 06, 2010

Summer Daily 6: Farm Fresh

One advantage of having a sleep disorder is waking up earlier than normal on a Sunday morning.
I love going to the farmer's market, but it can be a challenge to find parking and sometimes my patience for the crowds grows thin.

But today, I was out the door before 9am with cash and market bags in hand. Oh, I thought I was so clever, beating the crowds.

I usually go around 11:30 so I figured there would just be a light crowd of people at 9am. Well, it seems everyone else had the same idea as me, especially since it's been warm this weekend. I guess we all wanted to beat the heat and the crowds.

As much as I love photographing all the beautiful fresh veggies, fruit and flowers, I rarely bring my camera because it's hard to finagle my bags of goodies, cash and a camera all at the same time.

But that just meant that I got to make 3 trips back to the car to unload.

Whenever I go to the farmers market, I order a Russian blintz. It's filled with spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese and lemon juice.This time, there was a little wait for it to be ready, so after I placed my order, I went to the car to drop off some bags. (this is an old pic in case it seems familiar)

On my way back to pick up the blintz, a vendor asked if I wanted to try a sample of his pumpkin bolani topped with curry lentil and garlic mint sauces.Can I just tell you how amazing all those flavors were? Seriously, it was one of the most flavorful things i've ever eaten. All the the flavors were intense and strong but not at all overpowering of each other. How did he do that?? How was it possible to make the curry just as flavorful as the mint but not let it override it? And still be able to taste the bolani? Inconceivable. Oh, and he's a good salesman, too. He had me try 2 other samples, both equally as delicious as the first. I walked away, happy as could be, with 2 bolani's and 3 sauces. Let's see if I can somehow figure a way to use them that Jimmy will eat it, too.

Challenge accepted!

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rosemary said...

We have a wonderful Farmer's Market in town...twice a week...and on the weekday it is perfect...few folks.