Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Daily 10: Phone Apps

For a youngish (maybe not so much...but pretend) couple living in the Silicon Valley, we've been slow to adopt a smartphone. But after much research, we finally decided on the HTC Incredible android phone. We've had it a week now and I can't tell you how freaking excited I am about my new phone. How did I live without it? LOL, I'm exaggerating, but it truly is a nice thing to have. Not only is it crazily amazing to be able to look anything up just about anywhere, there are some super cool apps to download. Many of them free! Of course, camera apps are high on my priority. I found some cool free ones called: retro camera, fx camera and camera 360. I'm still experimenting. Not sure which one is better or what the differences of each are. We'll see.

I wondered if the camera in my new phone could replace my compact camera all together. Unfortunately, I don't think it can. It sucks up the battery and there isn't any zoom. So I'll still carry around the compact, but try some funky creative shots with the apps in my phone camera.

Took this shot with the Retro Camera app on Polaroid setting.

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