Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Summer Daily 1: Hairy Scary in the Volcano

Happy June everyone!

Today I'm drawing inspiration from my friend Chris. She did a post about the 90 Days of Summer and one of the creative things she wants to do this summer is spend some time each day in her studio. While I won't be able to create something every day, I can try to be creative everyday, whether by taking photos about the day's events, being crafty, creating in the kitchen or just blogging about any old thing. So I'm challenging myself to post daily for the whole month of June.

So to start this month off, I'd like to share a drawing Miss A made me this weekend.Hairy Scary in the Volcano. Too cute, yes? At 8 years old, she's quite the budding artist and she inspires me to create more.

We went to the DeYoung with Miss A, her brother and her mom and dad. A new exhibit, "The Birth of Impressionism" just opened on May 22nd, and we were all interested in checking out all the paintings. No photos or sketching in the exhibit, but my favorites were "Family Reunion" by Frederic Bazille and (of course) "The Dancing Lesson" by Degas.

The museum is in Golden Gate Park and there's a nice lawn in front of it. Perfect for kiddos to run and play a bit after being so good and quiet in a museum.Prince W plays tag with his dad and Jimmy.
I'm loving lens flares lately. I did these on purpose.

Miss A and I made daisy chain bracelets and little bouquets of flowers. Miss A made this little bouquet especially for me.

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Shammickite said...

So does this mean that there's going to be a new creative blog post for the 90 days of summer? I hope so! But doesn't summer last longer than 90 days out there in Sunny California? It's definitely early summer here in S Ontario, it's been HOT HOT HOT for the last 2 weeks, temps up to 30C, no idea what that is in your language but for me it's pretty hot.