Friday, June 18, 2010

SD18: I {heart} the Japanese Dollar Fifty Store

And you would, too! How can you not be charmed by these?
Surprised erasers: "Oh my! You made a mistake. Let me take care of that."

Angry erasers: "You idiot! You made a mistake and now I have to clean up your mess!"

"Where shall we go first? Let's make to the sea or make to the her..."

"Many a little makes miracle."

"Let's become happy singing."

"Welcome to the country of the fruit. What do you see in this fruit? It is a train that carries your dream."

"I present you my mind for you."

But do you know what I {heart} more than the Japanese $1.50 store?

Afternoon tea (earl grey with a splash of milk), a scone and my kindle.

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Anonymous said...

love me some engrish! -v