Friday, May 28, 2010

Video slideshow of our 1st off-riding adventure for 2010

This is a long video, almost 6 minutes. I know I've become victim of "info-snacking" and in most cases, if a video is more than 90 seconds, I won't bother looking at it. So I would totally get it if you skipped watching it altogether.
Although, if you want to see a rare but classic Madeline Freak-Out moment, fast forward to around 4:10 minutes in and watch and listen for about a minute. I crack myself up whenever I listen to how dramatic I got. i'm such a dork.

Music: Red Barchetta by Rush.


Shammickite said...

Darn it, I still haven't got my sound card fixed on this computer.
Thanks for your nice comments regarding my house. We had another Open House today so we'll see what comes of that, but I think the price is too high for most people.

rosemary said...

OK. #1 Jimmy should have gotten a speeding ticket there at the end....and IYIYIEEEEE....what was hitting/sticking you?