Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

I mentioned earlier this month that the beautiful May weather lends itself perfectly for exploring and getting out and doing stuff. Well, ironically, it SNOWED today. Just briefly, but good gravy it's the end of May and it should be warm! Yes, we're at the hideaway, but even so, I'm not mentally prepared for the cold weather.

Last weekend was a different story. It wasn't exactly warm, maybe low 60s, but we stayed local in the Bay Area so nothing extreme. Jimmy went to the Giants game on Sunday and after I dropped him off, I went to Berkeley. There's a fun scrapbook store that I hadn't gone to in over a year, so I took the opportunity since I had the afternoon to myself.
I lucked out and while shopping on 4th Street, a Jazz Festival was just getting underway. Serendipity! Afterwards, Jimmy took the BART over to the East Bay and we met up at his parents house for Sunday dinner.

Wednesday afternoon, we left the Bay Area on a bit of a circuitous route through very windy mountain roads and remote ranchlands. What normally takes us 2.75 hours took us almost 7 hours including a dinner stop.
But along the way, aside from amazing views and sights, we also stopped at the James Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton.
We were lucky to catch a tour of the 36" Refracting Telescope built in 1888.

bit of a sidenote: i wanted to be an astronomer when I was a kid. In the 5th grade I had to do a report on our solar system and I instantly fell in love with the sky. I wanted to be the 1st woman astronaut.

Thursday we were on the road for another 5 hours but this time we were 'off-roading'...
in the Rhino for our 1st ride of the season.
We rode along Grant Ridge, which had amazing views of the Sierra Nevada foothills and mountain range.

Saturday we were on the road again for over 2 hours to Sacramento then 2+ hours back.
The 2010 Motocross season started at Hangtown in Sacramento. Lots of fun - more for Jimmy than for me, but I enjoyed taking lots of photos and cheering my favorite riders...
especially Ashley Fiolek, who at age 18 and deaf since birth, won last year's Women Motocross Championship.

Today however, since it's cold enough to snow (!) still in shock over that, we're laying low and enjoying the warmth of the home.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Don't you love adventures where one leads to another and you bump into yet another. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

rosemary said...

i love circuitous routes....always a surprise some where along the road. i am feeling the draw back to san fran....maybe in october for our 25th anniversary.