Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock n roll

I went to my very 1st country concert on Friday. Or is it country western? or is that a different genre of music nowadays?

I saw Sugarland w/ Elizabeth. So so SOO much fun!
This is one of my favorite songs:
Yup. I listen to country now.

How did that happen??
I tell my friends that it was all over when I started taking line dancing classes.

I really like the lead singer of Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles. She's fun and perky.

even before Elizabeth and I decided to go to the concert, I was contemplating getting a new pair of boots.
Cowboy boots.
Jimmy says they're not really cowboy boots because they're like a doc Marten bottom with a cowboy boot top.
But seriously, i'm not sure I can pull cowboy boots off.
What do you think?
Pretty darn cowboy, right? Not much Doc Marten in my opinion.
'Cept the sole isn't smooth so I couldn't even line dance in these.
Really, can an Asian girl from California pull of a pair of cowboy boots?
I'm thinking: Not so much.

But i'm still obsessively thinking about these boots.

However, in an effort to clear my mind from these boots, I did buy a new pair of shoes. Tennies and much more my style. Whaddya think?
They fit my casual rocker-wanna-be style more, me thinkith.

But now after going to that concert, I'm even more obsessed about those damn boots.
Ok, I also like these and they are even more cowboy than the 1st pair:
and they have a smooth sole so I could line dance in 'em.

Open for discussion.

And while you contemplate the future of my shoe collection, I leave you with one more Sugarland video.


Angie said...

Love both pairs - I say go for it! You grew up in the high desert , in my book you are a cowboy(girl).

Kristina Baldwin said...

OMG, Madeline, totally {heart} those boots you've been obsessing over. Get 'em girl! I want a pair too! :)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You soooo could pull them off. And go with the ones you can dance in, provides completel justification.

rosemary said...'s the truth about cowgirl least in Idaho. The first ones that you describe as sort of docs? Those boots in Idaho are REAL cowgirl boots.....functional, comfy, not too high and you can walk in horse poop and clean them easily. The other pair? for dancing just as you said and to wear with a sundress or a ruffled off the shoulder blouse. My resource? The girls across the street...Amy the mom and Kiah the daughter. They have horses and sheep, love country music and have a hay raising where all of the neighbors come over with their tractors to get the baled hay into their barn)You are welcome from Idaho.

Shammickite said...

OOOO love those boots! And they look far more comfortable than those pointy toed boots. I think you should get the 2nd pair. But I can't say that I agree with your choice of listening to country music. Isn't it full of tragically broken hearts and trucking songs?