Saturday, May 08, 2010

"All Things Seem Possible In May"

I love the month of May. The weather is perfection with lots of stuff to fill the spring days and nights.

Last Sunday, Jimmy and I went to the city for dinner at Pacific Catch in the Marina.

After dinner we walked to Crissy Field to watch the beautiful sunset under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Watching the sunset brings out a bit of silliness in us. :-P
We watched till the sun disappeared behind the mountains.

We enjoyed the beautiful city sites and captured a few more photos while it was still dusk.

I went back to the city with Julie on Wednesday to see the Amish Quilt Exhibit at the de Young Museum.
Jimmy and I bought this Amish Quilt in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1996. The exhibit was very nice with almost 50 Amish quilts from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.

"This exhibition features approximately 48 full-size and crib quilts dating from the 1880s to the 1940s. Quilts made by girls and women of various Amish communities in Pennsylvania and the Midwest are visual distillations of their way of life. The Amish faith embodies the principles of simplicity, humility, discipline, and community, but their quilts are anything but humble. Using a rich color palette and bold patterns, these quilts are truly a unique contribution to American textile history. The quilts highlight the beauty and complexity of the abstract patterns."

No photos of the special exhibit, but the museum has an observation deck on the 9th floor.

The Academy of Sciences is across the street from the de Young so we popped in there for an hour or so.
Of course, we had to say hello to the Academy's most famous resident, Claude the albino alligator.
Teeny tiny Bromeliad Frogs in the 4-story rainforest dome.
You might miss spotting them if you blink.

Also this week,
they finished taking the tree out. A sad day, we'll miss that tree and the birds and squirrels that lived and played in it. Now we have keep the blinds closed because it's too bright and it gets too hot on that side of the duplex.

Friday was a very special day.My friend June celebrated her 90th birthday! Doris and I spent the afternoon with her and took her to lunch.

What a great way to start a beautiful month.

"The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May."
-Edwin Way Teale


Ginnie said...

I love your life, Mad, with Jimmy, your special side trips to the city, your cralftiness, and your friends. Happy Mother's Day!

Shammickite said...

Happy Mother's day! OK so you're not a mother but does that really make a difference????
I'd love to see the sunset by the Golden gate Bridge, what fun. And Happy Birthday to June, what a grand lady.
I'd love to visit the quilt exhibition, I've mad a few quilts but the most recent one has been on the go for 8 years now, do you think I will ever finish it?