Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week In The Life: Day 3

I missed posting last night because we didn't have power till after midnight. Long story regarding that, so I'll lead into it.

Wednesday started out with the regular routine.Enjoyed surprisingly sweet strawberries for breakfast.

Happy package from Fedex. Tickets to see Peter Pan in San Francisco in June.

Around 4:30, Jimmy and I were both in the office when we heard a very loud crash. Funnily, I heard a cracking sound, Jimmy said he also heard the crunching of metal. We had to investigate.

In the backyard, we immediately noticed that the oak tree that covers 3/4 of our yard was gone and we saw this:

We called the landlord then went next door to investigate.
The 30 foot Oak Tree, fallen. The culprit of all the noise and the reason the cement in our yard was pulled up. The root system of the tree just popped the cement off.
We live on the other side of the fence to the left, in front of the grey car.

This is the top of the tree. Just grazed that other car.

Unfortunately, that red car didn't do so well.

Firecrew came to check it out.

They assess the situation. The biggest concern was that the tree was pulling tight on the electrical wires and the transformers were sparking and popping. Power went out about 1/2 hr after the tree fell.

You can see that it was pouring rain. We had a lot of rain this winter and I guess the soil under the tree just gave way.

Thankfully, no one was in the cars when the tree fell.
Thankfully, the tree fell in that direction. Otherwise it would have fallen on our roof.
Thankfully, it's an office building back there and thankfully, it was mostly contained to the parking lot.

Jimmy moved the swing and we got another perspective.
Hello neighbors in the brick house. Nice to see you. They have 2 Doberman Pinchers. Thankfully not in the yard when the tree fell. Part of the tree fell on their garage and also busted part of their fence.

A view of the unfortunate car from our yard.

Powerlines and trees aren't compatible. Electricity was out for 6 hours.

Thankfully I already had plans to go to Kristina's to craft. Lots of fun with the added bonus of not having to spend the evening in a dark house with no power. Jimmy had hockey, so he was out of the house, too.

I got home after 10p. I was super happy that I my OTT Light, used for crafting, is cordless and was fully charged. But it only lasts 2 hours and I had no idea how much longer the power would be out. PG&E were still in my backyard, up on a crane, trying to get the power back on for the block.

So I decided to light some candles. Nice warmth coming out of this sucker, too. Bonus. But luckily, our heat is gas, so we weren't in danger of freezing overnight.

I was also grateful that my laptop was fully charged. No wifi, no internet, but I could watch movies till the battery died!

Power came on just after midnight and Jimmy came home from hockey 15 minutes later.

Quite a lot of excitement for a normal boring humpday. Considering how badly the situation could have gone, we are really grateful that no one was hurt. The owner of that car is unhappy, i'm sure, but again considering what could have happened, the blessings have to be counted. If the tree had fallen the other way, it would have fallen right on our home, into our living room and probably breaking the window of the office. Jimmy sits right next to that window.

Anyone want my mundane week? lol!!!


Anonymous said...

om gosh! Yes, thank your lucky stars! What a day you had. Glad you're all, including the strangers behind the fence were saved. - v

Nan said...

Mad, I don't want to alarm you, but Oak trees root systems on trees that big would run throughout the width and length of the yard it's in and probably the yards surrounding it. I know there's been a lot of rain, but if the ground is that moveable, there may be other things to keep an eye on.

Nan said...

P.S. I'm glad you're ok, and I'm very envious about the Peter Pan tickets!

Ginnie said...

Thank God it wasn't worse for you, Mad! Mother Nature sure is making a statement these days, isn't She. I declare. I do like your OTT Light. Very cool. Sometimes having no electricity makes you find new ways to do things...and new things to do. As long as it doesn't last too long!