Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Projects

I made a couple of cute little easter projects a few weeks ago with my friend Doris at Elizabeth's Friday night stamp club.I thought this one was super cute and really easy, too. It's just an orange scalloped circle, cut with a die cutter but can easily be hand cut, and 3 green scallop ovals, cut with a hand punch, again you can hand cut if you'd like. Just shape the circle into a cone and glue to hold shape, then glue the 3 ovals on top. Fill with easter grass and add an easter bunny candy inside. You can add the tag as just a little bit of extra embellishment if you'd like.

Elizabeth gave us the template to make this little basket. Basically, it's a square piece of decorative paper folded to make a basket and a die cut floral boarder is used to make the handle. Fill with easter grass and 4 mini hershey candies.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend, however you celebrate it!

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Ginnie said...

How sweet...and creative. I'd expect this from you, Mad. :)