Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Visit from Flat Stanley

Our 7 year old nephew asked us to host a visitor this weekend and we were thrilled to have his company. Flat Stanley, who was flattened by a bulletin board that fell on him, made his way from nephew's home in Southern California to spend some time with us in the Bay Area. We had a lot of fun taking him to San Francisco and showing him the sites.
Flat Stanley loved climbing up this tree to get a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Madeline took Flat Stanley to Fort Point. He got to help load the big cannons with cannon balls.

Fort Point is at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge and one of Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Madeline's favorite spots, so they brought him here to share the beautiful views. What a gorgeous spring day, too!

He really liked the city views from the municipal pier at Aquatic Park.

But when he looked at the prison on Alcatraz, he got a little scared. He had heard that bad guys used to stay there but we told him all the bad guys are gone and it's a fun tourist destination spot now, where people can learn about the history of the prison and Alcatraz Island.

A silly seagull landed on Flat Stanley's head. At least it didn't poop on him.

Sweet! He was so excited to ride on a cable car!

He met a funny pirate at Fisherman's Wharf.

Flat Stanley saw a lot of sail boats in the bay so we showed him where most of them are docked when they're not being used. He also liked the Bay Bridge in the background but admitted the Golden Gate Bridge was cooler.

Being flat certainly has it's advantages. For instance, traveling is a cinch because he can just slip into an envelope and go anywhere. But when the wind kicks up and he's posing for a shot, he can easily blow away. Luckily, Uncle Jimmy was there to save him.

Our nephew loves baseball. So Flat Stanley was super excited to go to the SF Giants Ballpark. Nephew will be a little jealous!

Uncle Jimmy and Flat Stanley watched the Giants play a pre-season game. Go Giants!

We had a lot of fun with Flat Stanley and we'll be sad to see him go.


Anonymous said...

LOL! - seriously, the name!? - v

Shammickite said...

so... is Stanley his last name and Flat is his first name?
Looks like you had fun, and Jimmy is a real hero to save your honoured guest from being blown away. I'm very envious, I hope you'll take ME on the same sightseeing trip if I ever get to SF! And I promise I won't blow away.

Ginnie said...

That is so darn cute, Mad! I love that idea. I guess, Granny Towanda is our "Flat Stanley" right now...except not as easily propped up everywhere we go. :)

Guess what! The word verification for this comment is 'antraz.' How coinky-dink is that!

Nan said...

Love the way you took the pics and wrote the narrative...If the schools don't do it, I may get a giant map for the gkids to do it. Gdaughter is having a hard time figuring out just exactly where everything is geographically and I'm sure this would appeal to her!