Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trying to break my diet coke addiction



ren said...

ugh. it's tough, i know. i don't think it was ever a big addiction for me for the flavor, but i like the fizz. i am the one that goes to a restaurant and orders seltzer and has to show the waitstaff how to get just seltzer from the machine.

have you tried any of the natural sodas? there is a "diet steeze" that has sugar, just a lot less than regular soda and tastes nice. it gets you away from the chemicals at the very least.

good luck. i know this is a tough one because it seems to...benign.

Ginnie said...

Bravo to you, Mad, for trying to break your addiction. I wonder if you'll see the benefits of stopping in a matter of time? I'm sure you'll let us know. Luckily, I have never been a soft-drink imbiber, but my son is. He finally switched from Classic to Diet Coke and started losing weight...but I see he's now getting more caffeine. I guess you can't win for losing!