Friday, February 26, 2010

Georgia On My Mind

I've been home for a few days and just now sorting thru the photos I took in Atlanta. As I mentioned in my last post, on my 1st day in a new city, I like to have lunch atop a skyrise hotel.

The Westin is the 5th tallest building in Atlanta at 73 stories high. The restaurant is on the 72nd floor. I got a great birds-eye view of Atlanta up there.

This is the CNN Center, The Georgia Dome and the Omni Hotel. That building is the world headquarters of CNN. Their main newsrooms and studios are located there.

The restaurant rotates in a clockwise direction so the next sight to see was

Centennial Olympic Park, the site of the 1996 Summer Olympics.
The Fountain of Rings is a key feature of the park. The fountain has 251 jets that shoot 12 to 35 feet in the air, and even in mid-50s temperatures, kids were playing in it.

Here's more of a landscape view - the CNN Center, Georgia Dome, Georgia World Congress Center, Olympic Park and flat Georgia lands in the background.

Rotating slightly clockwise and north of the Olympic Park is the Georgia Aquarium in Pemberton Place, along w/ World Of Coca-Cola. I couldn't get a good photo of WOCC from the restaurant though - buildings blocking the view.

(7)Facing north, a major freeway system going to North and Midtown Atlanta.

The Bank of America Plaza building is the tallest in Atlanta and is in Midtown. It's the 8th tallest in the country at 1,023 feet high. In comparison, the hotel I was in was 723 feet high.

The 2nd tallest building in Atlanta is the SunTrust Plaza. Below it, in the foreground is the Hyatt Regency, our hotel and where the conference that Jimmy went to was held. It's funny, because when we're in that hotel, it feels tall because we're on the 17th floor. But compared to the buildings surrounding it, it's puny!

This is the view looking north east. In the far distance I think I make out a mountain range. Appalachians? Ginnie? Anyone? help?

The Marriott Marquis is within the top 20 tallest buildings in Atlanta at 15. At the bottom left of this picture, see the circular building in the shadow of the building next to it? That's the part of the hotel we were in. We were on the 17th floor (out of 22) and looked right into those 3 buildings. Thankfully, neither one of us has claustrophobia issues.

Stone Mountain, east of downtown Atlanta. Maybe next year when we'll have a rental car, we'll check it out.

This is 191 Peachtree Tower. Built in 1990 and at 770 feet high, was taller than the building I was in.

A few "cute" smaller buildings downtown, compared to the skyscrapers, yet still full of personality. south downtown neighborhood of 5 Points.

Georgia State Capitol and Turner Field where the Atlanta Braves play, just south of downtown and 5 Points.

After one full revolution, I was back to CNN Center and Georgia Dome.

I have to admit, I was 'forced' to order dessert, delicious key lime mousse, so I could extend my visit at the restaurant through one complete revolution of the restaurant.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



rosemary said...

I am often forced to have dessert's a horrible thing, I know. The photo with the looks like a big adding machine and the Fountain of Rings....we have one right here in Sandpoint in Jeff Jones Square!!!

Ginnie said...

It almost always takes a tourist to show the rest of the world what's in our own backyard, Mad, I'm sure of it! You are a case in point. I LOVE what you have shown of Atlanta. BRAVO. And yes, in our North GA mointains you really can find the beginnings of the Appalachian Trail. Can you believe it?!

Vagabonde said...

I saw your comment on Ginnie’s blog and your mention of Atlanta. We live near Marietta which is about 45 minutes nw of Atlanta. When we moved here in the 70s we lived in Decatur, GA which is about ½ hour east of downtown. The tallest building then, if you can believe it, was the Hyatt! I still have postcards of that time that I sent to my parents in Paris to show them the panoramic view. I am pleased your enjoyed Atlanta. I’ll come back and read more of you post. I just wrote a long post and did not visit all my blogging friends’ but I’ll come back.

Shammickite said...

I drove through Atlanta on the way home from Florida a couple of years ago (with the late lamented Space Cadet) but didn't stop anywhwre. But after seeing your pictures from the rotating restaurant, I think it's a city I would like to explore one day. I'm so glad you had a good time. When's the next conference? Do you have to take time off from your job to be able to join Jimmy in all these exotic conference destinations?

Anonymous said...

Oh maddy dear, you take me along with you to so many wonderful places! Love the pics.

Nan said...

My son and dil were in Atlanta last week-end. I haven't been catching up on blogs until now. I wish I'd come and checked it out sooner so I could have told them about the places you visited or found out about. They did visit the Coca-Cola museum and the aquarium and loved it.