Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why it's all worth it{Daily December 16}

I have 4 days to get everything done before we have to head up to the hideway for early Christmas with Steven's family. I'm getting a lot done, but I feel like I'm spinning my wheels but getting nowhere.

Then when I was out tonight, I saw a car tailgating another one in the slow lane and flashing its brights. Excuse me Mr. Speedy, but the slow car was in the slow lane. Going maybe 3-5 miles under the speed limit, but in the slow lane none the less. Dude, take a deep breath and just pass the person on the left.

I'll refrain from telling you about the grumbles and curses I heard at the post office. I admit I had to work very hard at not grumbling myself, but they actually had every window open and I'm sure they were doing their best to help everyone as quickly as possible.

Isn't it amazing that we all put so much pressure on ourselves to get so much done during the holidays? Yet in the end, the important stuff gets done, the stuff that didn't get done usually gets completely forgotten about, and come Christmas day when you're celebrating with your loved ones, every single thing you've done has been worth all the effort. Which is why we keep doing it over and over again. I'm trying to keep a grateful heart through the whole process and remember that love in the end is what its all about.


rosemary said... is all about love, family, friendship and tolerance. We mailed off our cards and packages yesterday at a little sub station...lots of grumbling in back of us as we had a number of packages. Life is too short now....when the lady in back of me was loud with her crabbing SURPRISE....the postal worker said "It's Christmas. People mail packages to family that they won't have near them this time of year. Chill."

Ragged Around the Edges said...

So very, very well said.

Ginnie said...

Love in the end IS what it's all about, Mad! YES!