Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye Aughts!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

I got this idea to reminisce about the past 10 years from my cousin. How do you summarize 10 years? 3650 days? Plus a couple of days to account for leap years. I don't think it's possible in a short post, but I'll give it a go! Of course, there were lots and lots of challenges and losses that happened along the way, but I try to keep it positive here, so I might gloss over those, but they certainly won't take center stage.

(click on image to enlarge if you wanna read text)

-1st year at the hideaway
-emotional trip to the Philippines after my mom died

-celebrated our 10 year anniversary
-vacations to Kauai and Vancouver
-Jimmy went blonde for a few days, then purple
-1st nephew graduated high school, 4th nephew born, BFF Jeff got married, BFF Bowen Couple had their 1st baby - the 1st in our closest friends
-a heightened awareness of how important family and friends are after 9/11

-fractured/cracked rib while snowboarding
-Jimmy did a motorcycle adventure in Baja, Mexico
-Jimmy = too many hand surgeries
-BFF Monica had baby, SIL Lauree got married in Catalina, 1st niece graduated high school

-evicted from condo in Mountain View, moved to San Jose
-Jimmy = knee surgery
-Chancey couple had twins, BFF Danielle got married, 5th nephew born, Shy SIL got graduate degree

-Yuen Wedding, Cousin wedding, 2nd niece and 2nd nephew graduated high school, Bowen baby 2 born
-vacation in New York & Boston, Alaska cruise

-BFF Danielle's 1st baby born, 6th nephew born
-vacation in Seattle, Washington DC, Kauai
-Bye-bye Fangboy Kitty

-Yuen's 1st baby, Cousin's 1st baby, Brewer's 1st baby, 1st niece graduated SDSU
-vacation in Dallas, Seattle, Kauai
-start of annual Camp Retzlaff @ hideaway
-walk/jog 1st 5k at Disneyland
-Cross country road trip w/ SIL Molly

-1st nephew graduated UCSD, childhood BFF Bridget's wedding, BIL John's wedding in Alaska
-vacation in Alaska for wedding, Seattle x2

-Yuen's twins born, Cousin's 2nd baby, Brewer's 2nd baby, BFF Danielle's 2nd baby, 2nd niece graduated Claremont College
-vacation in Chicago, NYC, Sedona
-Jimmy and I celebrated our 40th birthdays
-cabin chimney remodel
-fractured right foot

-Bye-bye Billy Kitty
-vacation in Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix
-Rhino adventures
-wow, no births, weddings or graduations in 2009

Reminiscing like this is a good way to remember that it is a wonderful life. Ya take the bad with the good, but focus on the good and life will just go so much smoother.

Jimmy and I wish everyone a very happy and safe New Year's Eve!!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it fun going back 10 years?! Happy new year! - v

rosemary said...

ummm....I can remember last year...I think.

susan d said...

Great idea, as always you are on top of it! I actually remember some of those milestones.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You've been a busy girl in the last 10 years. . . so many blessings.

Jodi said...

Happy New Year and what a great idea! Congrats on the month of posting...impressive. I've been peeking in even if not so good about commenting.

I hope 2010 is a great year for you and Jimmy!