Thursday, December 10, 2009

...Crafting all the way...oh what fun...{Daily December 10}

Aside from some frantic Christmas crafting and my weekly trip to Target, today was quiet. Not exactly stress free mind you, I'm feeling the pressure of the clock ticking, but I'm taking a break right now from internet shopping. BTW, if you have kids to buy for, have you checked out Land of Nod? I'm probably giving hints to a certain mother in the PNW who might be reading (you know who you are so keep a lookout for a package, heehee), but I'm a big fan of their store. They have the coolest catalog covers, too. The crafter in me tears each cover off and saves it. I've actually used a few in some projects so at least I can justify keeping them if I'm actually using them, right?

sidenote:I'm not trying to use the word actually more often than normal. I'm highlighting them because that's how I actually speak. rolling eyes at myself.

Photo of the parentals kitty from a couple of years ago. I'm just gonna write the above text in my {Daily December} journal.

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