Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day (Daily December 25}

I hope you had a lovely Christmas day. Ours started at 9:30ish - breakfast before opening presents. Of course the kids were anxious to start as soon as possible so when the last waffle was finished, we all gathered around the tree for the presentation of presents. heehee. No one was disappointed.

Then most of us went out to play with the popular Nerf guns.Oh boy. Don't mess with these 3!

But Uncle Jimmy was up for the challenge...

Till the boys 13 year old cousin came in attack and pummeled Uncle Jimmy with her automatic nerf rifle.

Jimmy was toast and ran a fast retreat!

I actually put the camera down for a little bit and even though it was futile, I tried to take on the nieces and nephews. But that middle nephew, he's no dummy. He had an automatic that held 20 nerf bullets. My nerf rifle only held 6, but i had already lost 1. He just stood there with a big dimpled grin and took all 5 of my bullets. Then came after me with his 20. I was toast, too. But a 20 clip gun takes longer to refill than a 6 clip, so I got back at him once till I had to put up the white flag and surrender.

We all worked up an appetite by the time dinner was ready.For just a moment, our group of 16 was quiet during the first few delicious bites.

I suspect everyone will sleep well tonight.

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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