Saturday, December 26, 2009

Challenge Complete!

Well, I officially blogged every day from Dec. 1-25th so I'm off the hook on my commitment, but since I've gotten into the routine of posting every day, I might as well try to continue till the 31st.

Don't you think that December 26th is one of the slowest days in the whole year? After a whole month of rush rush rushing till the excitement of Christmas day, then suddenly blammo - nothing to do.

Anyhoo...we are back to the hideway tomorrow-Sunday. Construction finally started on the 2nd bathroom. Steve and Max slept in a room that was torn apart, but thankfully the contractor is a perfectionist and tidied everything up nicely.

I can't remember if I've already shared the floor plans of the construction.

I'm pretty open about my information, but it's kinda weird putting these floor plans on my blog for anyone to see. I was gonna put the whole house on here, but decided against it at the last minute. But I know a few friends and family members lurk here, and this visual will help them figure out the layout. The solid black walls will be new construction.

Here's a view looking into the back bedroom from the hallway. You can see the construction of the 2nd bathroom. When all is said and done, the doorway will be gone because a stairway will go up on the left to the 2nd floor just on the other side of it, creating a small hallway.

Here's another view of the bathroom. I'm standing where the stairs will be. The door you see on the right will be gone because that's where the small hallway will start.

A long view of the bathroom. We had to move the window over to put in that wall. The ceiling light will have to move over, too.

That wall with the window will be torn down. If you look through the window, you'll see a back room with a water heater in it. That's currently the mud room. The new bedroom will extend back to those other windows. The room will be long and skinny and probably quite a bit smaller than what it was, but we're willing to sacrifice that space for another bathroom.

It might seem odd to put a bathroom right next to the other one. We considered putting a bathroom upstairs, but aside from sleeping, no one ever stays up there. We considered making the bathroom private for the back bedroom. But when we have people over, sometimes there's quite a few of us, and having both bathrooms available to everyone without worrying about privacy seemed more ideal.

We'll also remodel the current bathroom. It's got pink linoleum-like wainscoting from the 60s. I've lived with that for 10 years and I'm so ready for it to be gone. But we'll finish the new bath before starting it so we'll always have one to use during construction.

It's good to see construction going again. Unfortunately we lost the whole summer. We're patient and know it will take a long time because or contractor works alone and is extremely precise, but seeing stuff happening certainly feels good.

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Anonymous said...

it's been 10 years! om CRAP! Time flies. - v