Saturday, December 19, 2009

Calendar, check. Cards, check. {Daily December 19}

It's 11:45pm and I never even left the house today. Didn't even check the mail. I suppose I should and will as soon as I'm finished here. But I'm feeling much relief because all of the calendars are printed and bound and all my Christmas cards are signed, sealed and stamped, ready to be mailed on Monday, which hopefully means they'll get to their destinations by the 24th. I'm not sure I've ever mailed my cards this late. I still need to wrap presents, but I'm not even worried about those because i can always wrap them right before Santa comes down the chimney. Can you believe I went this whole holiday season without ever going to the mall? Yay me!

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rosemary said...

Yay for me too....but then we don't have a mall so does it still count? No gifts to wrap...we only got the 4 small grandkids a wrap-able gift and then everyone else got gift cards....the most impersonal gifts imaginable. Sigh. No gifts under our tree this year, but at least we still have a house to have a tree in so I am blessed.