Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Today I am thankful for" Meme

Here's a fun meme that's going around on Facebook that I wanted to share here:

Every day this month, until Thanksgiving, think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it as your status. "Today I am thankful for" The longer you do it, the harder it gets! Now if you think you can do it then repost this message as your status to invite others to take the challenge, then post what YOU are thankful for today

I decided to do it here instead because I'm trying hard to stop neglecting my main blog.

So I'll start off with:
Today I'm thankful to have this way of connecting with like-minded people, several who I can call friends, many whom I've never even met, but even my friends and family who stop by now and then. I like being able to share my story, my crafts, my photos to anyone who cares to stop by. It's another creative outlet and I'm thankful to have the resources to be able to use it.

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