Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Recap

Hope you all had a bewitching halloween! It was nice having it fall on a Saturday, wasn't it?

Our annual block party and parade started at 4pm.There's always been a good turnout, but this year there seemed to be twice as many people as there were the previous years. I'm sure it's because it was the weekend and more people were home rather than still at work.

The parade was lead by the 12-and-under costume winners. Of course, 2 of them were Starbucks cups. Any guesses how many Starbucks we have within a 1/2 mile radius from our house? 5.This year, we had 2 bands!

My favorite - the Tall Flags:They hold a spot near to my heart because in high school, I was part of Tall Flags:Now if that doesn't send you into a fit of giggles, then you've got a broken funny bone. Head to the ER, stat.

After the parade, we went to the parentals for dinnerand helped hand out well as eat some, too.

On our way home, Jimmy suggested going into the city. Of course, I'll never turn down a trip into SF...even if the Bay Bridge was broken. Since we were coming from the parentals, it was the bridge we needed to go in. So we took the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge instead and stopped at Fort Baker to enjoy the orange views.then headed to Twin Peaks for a mountain top view of the city lights.It was the clearest of nights and surprising warm, too - It was 1am and half the people were in short sleeves, and short costumes, too. lol.

The night wouldn't have been complete without a drive through the Castro on Halloween night. Halloween in SF is a Big Deal and the biggest parties are in the Castro. Unfortunately, a few violent shenanigans have happened in the past, so they've canceled city sponsored events and increased official presence, which seemed to keep the crowds calmer. By the time we drove through, it was around 1:30a.

There were still lots of people, but most seemed to be heading home and there was no evidence of any shenanigans of the unhappy kind. You can't end Halloween without at least one Elvis sighting. You saw him, didn't you?


Luke said...

looks like you had an eventful day. I'm lucky that we don't get any trick or treaters. The city looks marvelous!

Anonymous said...

What the freak is that song! It sounds like amazon - v

Jodi said...

LOVE the costume! I can't find any of me in our fancy new uniforms, but here was the old crappy one: