Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Chores (the stores) Fresh Air (Time Square)

Name the 70s sitcom that theme song/verse above is from...(oh, i just looked it up and it ran from 1965-1971, so its barely a 70s sitcom..oops!)

When we go to the hideaway, our lives take a complete 180 from our "city life". I hesitate to call our city life a "city life" because we're homebodies and barely even go out for dinner. And the city we live in doesn't feel like a big city even though it's the biggest city in the Bay Area. Yup, bigger than San Francisco and Oakland. But not nearly as urban. My city feels like a stereotypical suburban neighborhood with the white picket fence and everything.

On the flip side, our hideway is nestled in a remote town in the Sierra Nevada mountains. On a good day, it takes us 2 1/2 hours to drive the 140 miles. The little town has less than 1500 residents. Two-thirds of them are part-timers like us.

Most of the time we go up, we lounge around and let the laziness take over. There's something about the fresh air and the higher altitude that makes you chill out. But there are certain chores that we'd never have to consider in the city.

Like when our dogwood tree started acting unhealthy. Can a tree act unhealthy? Well, it was showing signs of not being as happy as the other dogwood trees in the neighborhood. For the past couple of years, the blooms in the spring were weak and shriveled. And the fall colors weren't nearly as vibrant and it was losing its leaves too soon.We knew that one of the main limbs had issues even before we bought the hideway 10 years ago. It broke my heart to even think about trimming that beautiful dogwood tree, and in our eyes it still looked very healthy and happy. Until the aformentioned acting unhealthy and giving us obvious signs of distress. So we consulted our neighbor who knows just about everything regarding life in the rural community, and he gave us some tips.

So on Saturday, we decided to perform our first tree limb amputation.In the background, you'll notice our watchful neighbor, the one who gave us the tips and loaned us the pole saw. He also recommended that I video tape the scene just in case we had an opportunity to send a mishap to America's Funniest Videos.

Once all the higher branches were removed, Jimmy concentrated on sawing off the main limb without harming the others. We think we were successful and can only hope that the tree will be happier and we didn't put her into even more stress.

A look at the carnage on the driveway. A small cedar tree also had to go. Too bad it wasn't closer to Christmas because it would have been a beautiful tree in someones home.

You might notice the replacement car of the volvo wagon in the garage. It's a 2004 Volvo S4. Not quite the dream car, but perfectly suitable for our needs right now and for the next few years.

In the city, we would have had to pay to haul away the debris. But that's not how it's done in the country. In the country, you build up slash piles and burn them. Wonderful neighbor took most of the slash and will burn it for us, but we took some of the debris and the collection of weeds and burned them in the side yard. And by we, I mean...well, you know what I really mean. But I did really help cut up the slash into smaller, more manageable pieces.

And thanks to the Rhino, even after dark, Jimmy was able to finish burning his pile of weeds.We're constantly amazed at how useful that Rhino is. Don't think we'd get as much use out of the Rhino in our city life.


Anonymous said...

is that stars old car? - v

Ginnie said...

I love your life, Mad! It always brings a smile to my face! :)

rosemary said...

There is a peacefulness that living in the country brings....I think it is the passing of seasons, the silence of not having to talk just look, the simplicity with not having "services." You called the tree...her. I name my favorites.