Monday, September 21, 2009


It's an awesome feeling when you finally meet someone in person when you've "known" them for a couple of years already. I've been reading Rosemary's blog for 2 years. Rosemary isn't afraid to pour her heart out in her blog, and it's why I've always been drawn to reading what she has to say. She's passionate about what she has to say, whether it's the freezing cold winters to her childhood in Southern California to her beloved family, including her fur family. She can be witty, sarcastic and sincere all at the same time. I love it!

She and her wonderful husband, Steve, are in San Francisco for a few days and of course, when I knew she was coming, I knew we had to meet. I knew that we'd just much so, it was like being w/ family. It was so easy, it really was like we've known each other forever. Jimmy and I shared a few of our favorite spots in San Francisco, showed them where we dream of living in the Presidio and froze our butts off near the coast, trying to glimpse views of the Golden Gate Bridge...too much fog! We easily chatted about family, books, pets, growing up in California, Idaho...conversation just came so easily. We hung out for a short 4 hours, it went too quickly, before we had to head back to San Jose. While I wasn't surprised how easily we clicked, I was surprised at how sad I was when we had to leave them. It felt like saying good-bye to family, especially since we have no idea when we'll see each other again. Hopefully since her gson is here, they'll be able to make annual trips to the Bay Area. I already miss them! It was a great GREAT day. And one of these days, hopefully, Jimmy and I will find ourselves in Idaho to visit them, too.

Love you Rosemary! That's from my heart!


Ginnie said...

These meet-ups can be so soulful, Mad! I have a feeling the same will happen with us when we meet some day! :) Believe it or not, I had a meet-up over 2 years ago and am soon on my way to marry her. You just never know what can happen!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Wonderful! Amazing when your online friendships become tangible and you can meet. what a blessing.

rosemary said...

You said it short, we are family now. I can't tell you how much fun we had, how special the time was with you and Jimmy and how much we enjoyed seeing the real San Fran. I hated to leave. I should be able to get a post done by tomorrow....I have some awesome photos and lots to say about the trip. I showed your gift to the woman sitting next to me on the plane and had the flight attendants looking and a woman behind me too....they were amazed at your talent!! Love you Madeline.

Shammickite said...

Mad... what a nice thing to do, to give that wonderful gift to Rosemary! I love the pic of you two together with the city behind you, fabulous! You two are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to meet and spend some time together, I'm so glad you both had such a good time.