Sunday, September 13, 2009

peaceful pitter patter of rain

oh so every happy about the rain we are getting. woot to fall, ya'll! Raise your hands if you love the smell of rain?

Our niece moved to Northern California last weekend, I think she'll welcome the change in weather. Last weekend it was 80 degrees and she needed a sweater. Big difference between last weekend and this. Now I suspect she's cozy under a down blanket, already studying hard. Classes start tomorrow! So proud of her, going for her PhD in Political Science.

While the family was here helping her move, we met our dog-niece, Poppy.
She's my SIL's beautiful labradoodle.

Isn't she adorable????

Those eyes just kill me. Lots of energy, she's only 4 months old, but already well trained. She spent 2 nites at out house and she couldn't have been a better guest.

After spending much of the summer at the hideaway, we're staying local most of this month. Do you have a lot of bday celebrations this month? I didn't realize how many people are born in September! Which reminds me that I have to mail a package to another niece who's bday was Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I want that dog's DNA so I can have her cloned! - v

Ginnie said...

HA! She's a killer! And yes, my daughter's birthday is the 30th, my niece's is the 29th, and my brother's is the 19th! What was happening 9 months earlier??? Hmmm. Happy New Years! :D

Luke said...

That is an amazing dog!