Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the 4 A's

I've been a terrible blogger! I've never gone 2 whole weeks without blogging before. I wish i had great excuses, but i don't. However, as per my usual m.o., I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow, so whenever I'm busiest is when I sit down to write a post. But this will certainly have to be a quickie. I'll be at the airport to Phoenix in less than 10 hours and I haven't even started packing yet. Again, my usual m.o.

So, you may ask yourself, what has she been doing that she hasn't blogged in 2 weeks? Actually, nothing. I think i blog more when i have lots going on. Which is why i'm blogging now.

Ok, so what I've really been doing is going to miscellaneous doctor appointments. Nothing exciting or worrisome whatsoever. But I think when you turn 40...or 41 in my case, you finally realize that all those small ailments that have been barely a nuisance in your 30s or even back in your 20s, aren't going away and really just are making life not quite as simple as it should be. What in the world is she talking about?

Ok, so I did a sleep study. It's official, I have the Apnea. I know I've had it all my life, but with age and...eh hem...additional (sigh!) weight gain, it's gotten more bothersome. No official word yet, that'll take another week or so, but they unofficially said they'll give me that CPAP machine. I remember as a kid waking up because I had stopped breathing in my sleep. And I remember the embarrassment I went through in college every time I had to explain to my roommates about my loud snoring. It's still one of my most embarrassing traits and i usually cringe whenever I have tell a friend who I'm traveling with. So! Why not post it on my blog for anyone in the world to read!

Allergies and Asthma
Also, finally seeing a doctor who specializes in allergies and asthma. The good thing is, I'm not allergic to any food except soy beans. Actually, I almost wish I were allergic to certain foods, like...say...ice cream and chocolate? How 'bout butter and sugar? That might give me the push i need to not indulge. LOL, actually knowing me, I'd probably find something else equally bad to replace any allergic fuds. I am allergic to grasses, weeds, trees...no big surprise there. Have you had an allergy test before? They prick your back with 111 pins, many of which you may be allergic to,leave you for 15-20 minutes and tell you not to scratch. Hilarious.

So today, the day before a trip, my to do list looked like this:
-check in for flight
-Call dixie at resort
-get sinus CT and chest x-ray
-get blood work done
-lunch (yummy gyro!)
-trader joes
-clean coffee table (which is usually piled 3 feet high of crafting supplies) so living room is decent for Jimmy while I'm away
-finish making the CE Autograph books
-find all supplies for trip
-dinner (sloppy joes!)
-make sure Jimmy's set for food for the long weekend
-pack pack pack

Why would i go to Phoenix in August? When I've claimed oh-so-many times how much I hate the desert and hate the excessive heat? Well, see...there's this crafting retreat happening this weekend...it's called Creative Escape, and I'm going with my friend Doris and a few other friends are going, too, that we'll meet up with when we get there.

I am beyond excited! It's being held at a cool resort and 10 different well-known artists of the industry are teaching a variety of classes during the long weekend.

I'm sure I'll be so jazzed about the fun classes I took that I'll share all the details when I get home.

photo of Treasure Island Light House from our SF Bay boat ride last month.


rosemary said...

OOOeee....that resort has online shopping.....have fun, sleep as well as you can....will you travel with your CPAP?, you can you know but going through security is not fun......and craft your heart out!!!!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Ouch! 111 skin pricks. Ouch! As for the snoring, I suspect that anyone traveling with you is just glad to have you near and never minded a bit. Safe travel, enjoy your creative weekend and show us all that you learn!

susan d said...

I better not tell my son about they still do pin pricks. He is going Sept. 17. So, what did they do about your allergies.? tell you to get rid of all your grass and trees? I"m a little skeptical about this whole thing but he kept bugging me.

Shammickite said...

Yes, you definitely have been a very bad blogger, however I forgive you as you have provided plenty of good excuses. I'm envious oif your craft weekend, I wish I could go on something like that, I guess I'm just not brave enough to go on my own. Have fun.... and don't keep everyone up all night with your snoring!

Ginnie said...

LOL at Sham. Growing older isn't always that fun, though much of the time it is. Hopefully you'll figure it all out before it's too late. :D Hope you had a great crafting retreat!

Anonymous said...

I want to have a creative escape with you!!!
Good luck with your tests, hopefully they will find out soon what's going on. No fun!

Missing you,