Thursday, July 30, 2009

two weeks

In the past 2 weeks since my last post, I've been home for 3 days. well, i suppose "home" is relative...because I really should refer to our hideaway as home, too. But I guess since our regular day to day activities happen at our home in the Bay Area, I always refer to that as home. What I'm trying to say is that we're not on our regularily scheduled program. Summer is suppose to be like that, isn't it?

Since I last wrote, I quietly celebrated my birthday, we celebrated my MIL's birthday, drove up and down California to hang out with my BFF and her kiddos for 3 days, nearly finished another quilt...ran out of I'll finish it this weekend, took a ride in the Rhino in the forest, fretted about a forest fire that's only about 7 miles from the hideaway (thankfully, because of the direction it's moving and ridges and road breaks, no threat to the community), took our little teeny tiny boat out on the SF Bay for the first time, and spent some quality time w/ the parentals. Tomorrow, we'll head out on the Rhino again with the neighbors, perhaps get some birds-eye views of the fire. I've also tended a farm, ran a restaurant and created a comfy home for my pet - all facebook games that I'm addicted to. Care to join me? Then please, jump on that FB bandwagon and play with me! I guarantee that you'll waste valuable hours.

I'll post more details of our summer events soon!

photo of the fire that started Sunday afternoon.


Luke said...

Happy late birthday!
Sounds like your having a good summer!

mommy said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!! :)

rosemary said...

Happy birthday my friend....mine are "quietly" celebrated nowadays too. Looks like life is good for you two....BFF's, cool water and a Rhino.