Thursday, June 04, 2009


posting this because it cracks me up and i need to be cracked up right now.

There's a funny relatable story about this video. Aside from the comedy regarding the Filipino accents. But about Vicks. I swear to you, my mom thought it was the cure all for everything. I didn't realize it was cultural till I saw this video. I wonder why Filipinos think that Vicks is the magic cure? Anyhoo...this one band camp...(sorry, i couldn't resist)...jimmy and I were having dinner with my mom at her house. He had a scratch on his leg and my mom INSISTED that we put Vicks on it. At first, Jimmy and I were saying, "no no, it's ok. it'll be fine." But she wouldn't let up on the Vicks. So I finally said "ok" and pretended to put Vicks on his wound. Now, jimmy and I use that as our secret code to "Vicks it" whenever we're in a losing battle and we just need to stop the madness.


rosemary said...

They are just like Italian Aunties...I swear. I have switched from Vicks to Tiger Balm....marvelous cure all.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...they sound like this woman I work with.

I love the "Vicks it" bit. Funny.

-Stacey at toomanyscarves

Shammickite said...

That's HILARIOUS! I didn't know Vicks was so versatile!!!!

Ginnie said...

Totally hilarious, Mad. Totally. I had a Filipino roommate in college and she was more Americanized than I ever was or will be! :)