Thursday, June 11, 2009

I needed this day!

Zonkers! What a great day today was. Needed uplifting and I couldn't have asked for a better day. I love my family and friends.This morning I went to the Chancey Twins year-end kindergarten performance. I love these things. I'm like this crazy stalker Auntie. Now now, don't get all freaked that I'm showing up uninvited to random events, camera in tow...I am invited! So stalker probably doesn't apply. And wow, if you saw how many cameras and video recorders there were, I certainly did not look out of place with my stalker camera around my neck. It was a lot of fun and I can't believe they are going into the 1st grade.

I left a little early because I had to buy some fresh eggs for some zucchini bread I meant to bake the night before. But when I pulled the carton of eggs out of the fridge, the date on it was April 10th. I'm taking a poll...the date is a "sell by date". Would you have used them?

My mom was famous (as famous as you can get in that hick desert town) for her zucchini bread. And my cousin from Washington arrived today for a long weekend visit! So I wanted to make some for her and her family. I remembered the vanilla this time.

While I was baking, my brother-in-law Eric, who just moved back to Southern California from NYC, came over for a few minutes after having lunch with Jimmy. We chatted for just a few minutes before he had to hit the road to Morro Bay to have dinner w/ his and Jimmy's sister. Whirlwind.

Cousin and family are staying in a hotel about 1/2 a hour away. So after Eric left and Jimmy wrapped up some stuff for work, we hit the road, warm zucchini bread in hand, and headed up the peninsula to meet them for dinner. I'm just thrilled that I get to see them again and so soon since I just visited them in Seattle 5 weeks ago.

Today just filled my heart. I'm so blessed to have wonderful people who surround me. There's still big concerns gnawing at us, so it makes me that much more grateful for today's events w/ my friends and family.


Shammickite said...

I can hear how pleased you are to enjoy all those family members around you... to be part of a family is so important. I, like you, am an only child, and I have no relatives at all on this continent, and I'm living alone, which makes for some lonely times sometimes. But I have my 2 sons, and their wives, and now their little boys, and I have been "adopted" by their in-law families, which I think is wonderful.

Angie said...

2 months after sell by date - uh no, I would not have used them.

Ginnie said...

Actually, when it comes to eggs, Mad, I can't believe how long they can still be good. Yes, I would have used them but I don't know if I should. You could always hard-boil them! :)

susan d said...

I vote yes on the eggs, because my mom who is a big contamination freak, says so.