Friday, June 19, 2009

I Made My 1st Quilt!

Last fall, I was browsing in a quilt store near our hideaway and saw a super cute baby quilt made of flannel. I asked about it and they said it was a rag edge quilt.

I was intimidated because all I'd even sewn were a couple of pillow cases and some pot holders. But I have a friend who is an advanced quilter extraordinaire and I asked her about it.

Turns out that she's known for her hand-dyed rag edge quilts, (JB, sorry if i got all the terminology wrong, newbie sewer/quilter here bound to make major faux pas). In fact, several years ago she had made a quilt for a mutual friend at the time, but I had no idea it was a rag edge quilt. I'm oblivious like that till I become obsessed with the craft myself. Kinda like wall texture.

Anyhoo, in January or February I told JB that I'd try a rag edge quilt in the spring. I thought that if I said it out loud and someone was listening, I might actually keep my resolution. I donno why I thought this because it's never worked in the past. But this time it did! She helped me every step of the way and I got so excited about it, I finished it within 2 nights. I just need to wash it so the rag edges become more raggy and not look so stiff.

The finished size is for a baby's blanket. Here it is on our king sized bed.

This is the back of the quilt. No rag edges. For those not familiar with rag edge quilts, the rags are just on one side.

I'm officially obsessed. I'll be making a lot more of these. I just need occasions to make them.


rosemary said...

Well, I won't be having a baby anytime in the future, but I will be 65 this November and I love violets and flannel....just saying. That is a really neat looking quilt. The edging makes it look special. You are greatly talented....I'd still be threading the machine....the last machine I had BTW that was my mothers i broke the bobbin thingy on and it is out in the yard sale room in the garage.

Anonymous said...

cute! - v

Angie said...

and all the corners match up too! This is sometimes difficult to do. Congratulations on your first of many quilts??

Shammickite said...

Great stuff, Ms Mad! It looks lovely. If I was a baby, I'd love being snuggled under that quilt.
I made a quilt for new baby Isaac too, have some pics but haven't published them yet, but I will, soon!

Shammickite said...

But do you have to put batting and a backing on it, or is it just one layer?

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Soooo sweet. You are so darned creative. Anything you touch turns to gold.

susan d said...

That is fantastic. Who's the lucky babe?

Shammickite said...

I posted the pics of my quilt.... just for you!

Anonymous said...

Nice job!