Monday, June 15, 2009

How 'bout now?

Maybe that other photo was too dark...can you find the Golden Gate Bridge in this one?


Shammickite said...

What kind of sandwiches?

photowannabe said...

Really gorgeous sky. Don't get too many like that.
Thanks for stopping by from Shammie's blog. I always like getting new lookers.
I lived in Pacifica for 41 years. We moved to Rocklin just 2 years ago. Its fun to see our old stomping ground.
Come back again .

photowannabe said...

Hello again,
I saw that you commented on my Bodie pictures. It definitely is a place to visit with your camera. Summer will be quite hot there and full of people. The cost is I think $5. per person (not car). 10 miles of rough gravel road but not difficult driving to arrive there. Beautiful countryside. It gave me a new respect for the miners and pioneers. What a difficult life they had.
All that to say, go if you have a chance. It may be closed next year as the Gov. will probably be shutting it down along with over 200 other State Parks.
Don't get me started on that soap-box!

rosemary said...

My son and his family are on the way home from San Fran.....they did the pier, Scoma's, Chinatown and a park by the convention center that they just loved.