Thursday, June 04, 2009


the video card in my mac died. it's getting fixed, but I've already gone w/o it for 5 days. thankfully, jimmy still has his old dell laptop for me to use, but i'm lost w/o my photos and photoshop and the programs i use. at least i have internet connection and can check my email. but i still feel discombobulated w/o my computer w/ my settings. I haven't been very present on the internets lately because of this. But this is the least of my concerns tonight.

I've been in limbo all week because I'm assigned for jury duty. I had to call in every day at 11a and 5p and finally got picked to appear today. I have to go back tomorrow for final jury selections. But it's been kinda interesting, actually.

other than that, i'm feeling sad tonight. Some very un-good health news coming from family. Also, a long-time close friend of ours got his pink slip. I'm on the verge of bawling.

This is not my typical post.
I may find myself living with an inferior computer.
I may find myself behind the desk in a judgment chair.
I may find myself praying for my beautiful family and my beautiful friends.
And I may ask myself-
Well. How did I get here?


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Anonymous said...

You get points for the Talking Heads reference. Sorry to hear about all the other crap :)

Stacey -toomanyscarves