Thursday, May 28, 2009

Storm Chasers

When the weather is hot in the central valley and cool up in the mountain tops, sometimes it creates volatile weather patterns. Which we happen to love. We love listening to and watching thunder storms. So when we heard the thunder at our hideaway, we drove up the mountain to find more...or as Jimmy put it "Wash the car".We only found a bit of rain but no thunder or lightning. But this lake, which is normally over flowing with people in the summertime, was deserted aside from another couple walking along the lake shore.

The rivers were raging, full from the snowmelt. That's what fills the lake. Even in the middle of the summer, the water is chilly.

Purple lilacs near the river.

Do you like thunder storms or do they freak you out?


ren said...

i love and them and i miss them. we don't get many here.

Shammickite said...

I like thunderstorms, I find them exciting, but I'm always a bit nervous about the 100 year old maple trees lining the street in those high gusts of wind. I really don't look forward to one falling on my house.... which is quite possible!
Thanks for your nice words about Baby Isaac.... he's SO SWEET! And I love the name they have chosen.

zann said...

I grew up in tornado alley, they freak me out a bit, but just severe ones with wind. I like a good summer shower

rosemary said...

I'm using Steve's work 'puter and it won't let me email you. The hideaway looks good so far...I can hardly wait to see the finished product. Thunderstorms are a great experience but they usually mean trees down, no power and so no water/toilets...not such a great experience. Now, down to business...I downloaded Art of Racing in the Rain...OMGoodness...I laughed, cried and then cried some more. I loved it. I have had a flight attendant ask about Candy, a lady in the hotel restaurant and while I was sitting in the lobby this morning another guest asked about it too. I am positive the flight lady will buy one. Then in USA today there was an article about another e-reader..Cool something. No where near a Kindle in function or capacity and no wireless, but it comes in really "cool" colors. So, any more book recommendations? Did you read Garth Stein's "Evan fell......" I forgot the title. I usually only read fiction. Madeline, I love my Candy....just lurve her. You can email me...I have my Blackberry with me.....Cherryberry, my newest gadget....I really like her, but no where near the lurve I have for Candy.

Anonymous said...

I love thunderstorms. Mostly because I so rarely experience them.

-Stacey at toomanyscarves