Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring cleaning? I'm not sure about that.

My blog posts have been lacking content lately. Sure, I can take a good photo of flowers, but there's more going on than snapping spring pretty.

But what's been keeping us busy would probably be considered the top 10 most boring things to blog about. So I've tried to spare you till now. Because lack of content has to be more boring that blogging about home improvement. So onward to the home improvement snorage. You've been warned, and I won't be offended if you chose to leave now.Sir James has been the master of little miscellaneous home improvements. It's awesome. He's replaced a bunch of broken things, changing the flood lights and more to compact florescent, wacked weeds and burned pine needles. Me? I'm allergic to everything in the forest so I eat bonbons and watch Maury Povich. I kid. Maybe. You decide.

This winter, we noticed this little guy hanging out on our bathroom window screen a lot. We assumed that he could feel the heat of the house through the window so that's why he was there so often. Last weekend when we saw him again, I ran outside w/ my camera to capture another photo of him.
Except I scared him and he ran into a little hole in the side of our home:
Can't see it very well? Here's a closer view:
We have a tenant living in our walls.
Our very own little squatter.
Who will be evicted next week.
Too bad. So sad. Find a nearby tree that'll be suitable. There are hundreds of them.
Actually, we think he might have taken residence within our walls when we had to chop down 8 trees last fall. He was probably thinking, "take down my home, I'll take over yours." Touche Mr. Squirrel, but we do not want to cohabitate.

The motivation behind Jimmy's small home improvements is a much grander project where we're actually tearing down walls, adding a new bathroom, rebuilding the deck and moving the staircase. Our contractor should be able to start working on it "soon". BTW, "soon" by contractor language is different from "soon" by regular language. Luckily, we are patient and we don't live here full-time. The 1st thing he's going to do is tear out the closets in the master bedroom.So we spent this past weekend moving out of that bedroom...

and into the other:which will also take a transformation during the remodel and will become the new master bedroom when all is said and done. Yes, that is my Powerpuff Girls pillow. No, I didn't wallpaper this room, it was like that when we bought it. Yes, I'm looking forward to the removal of it.

Lastly, we have helmets:Not for home improvement safety. Oh no. Something much more exciting. We have helmets to protect our skulls from injury, but we don't have anything to cause the injury...yet. We are hoping to acquire a new 'vehicle' in the very near future.
Here are a couple of hints:



rosemary said...

I post a lot about my home....updates, weird additions/changes. I am a born lookie-lou so I love your photos and the bedroom changes will be neat to see....yup, that wallpaper would look better in someone else's house. Squirrels in the walls are not good.....they live, eat, poop in there....and make and have babies too. We have never has a squirrel set up residence in our walls because our siding is metal....mice...another story. They are almost impossible to get rid of and nasty.

Anonymous said... only live there part time? Looks like it's out on the forest somewhere. Where is it? Just curious....

Stacey at toomanyscarves

Anonymous said...

You're buying an ATV!?!?!?! how fun
miss ya,

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, home improvements, so much work, so much reward. And maybe you could enlist the squirrel to help. Can't wait to see the new ATVs and you riding on them!

Ginnie said...

And you think this is boring??? Woman! You're crazy!