Friday, April 17, 2009

desert haiku

A long desert drive.
In the Arizona heat.
Never ending miles.

Took this photo after about 4 hours on the road when we went to Arizona last May. We were on our way from Sedona to S. California for our niece's college graduation and still had at least 7 more hours of driving left. The road just seemed to go on forever. You probably know me well enough that I'm usually content for hours with my camera. But the desert scenery can be boring and monotonous.

There were a few interesting sights

Like a buzzard on the freeway:

Or a "forest" of Saguaro Cactus:
Even I have to admit, these cactus are pretty cool. Unfortunately, we didn't even have time to stop and take a closer look to take better photos.

But 6 hours later, we rewarded ourselves with dinner in California near Palm Springs at:
Bob's baby! Oh yea.


Stacey said...

*gasp* Bob's Big Boy!!! We used to go there all the time when I was a kid. I hear they are making a comeback and putting one in Orange County near my dads...must see if it is open yet...

Unknown said...

A hamburger sounds really good!

Shammickite said...

That was a long drive.... I did a similar one driving from LA to Vegas in the Space Cadet's old car.... no AC, and a dodgy rad.... had to drive with the heat blasting to keep the engine cool.... 105F outside.... those days are long gone thank goodness!
Yes, I'm back on line after a computer disaster, plus I hurt my foot doing a very inelegant face plant while washing my car, plus I've just done my taxes and I owe megabucks to the Govt.... GRRRR!

Anonymous said...

I love your road trips! My mom lives in Palm Springs!!

Nan said...

Love your pics, and I'm crazy over your spring banner! It's gorgeous!

rosemary said...

great shots.....even of the buzzard. When we go to So Cal we always, and I mean always....go to Bob's. There is one in Diamond Bar....we get the combo with ranch and their hot fudge cake....