Thursday, April 02, 2009

a case of the ick

We've been home since late monday night and now both of us are sick sick sickos. What I had hoped would be a tiny cold turned into the full blown flu and although I still feel pretty crummy, I'm just starting to become a little more human again. and of course, since Jimmy and I spend practically every waking moment together, he has it now. At least his symptoms didn't show up till we got home. Me on the other hand, I spent 2 1/2 days in the hotel in Chicago before leaving for the airport Monday evening.

But one cool thing about staying close to the hotel was experiencing Earth Hour on Saturday night. I know a few of my bloggy friends have already blogged about it, but if you don't know what it is/was, it was a worldwide participation where people turned their lights off from 8:30p-9:30p to conserve energy and as a show that you care.

Jimmy and I were eating dinner in the hotel lobby when all the lights, except emergency ones, turned off. Pretty cool. Although it might have been cooler walking around the city when all the skyscrapers went dark. Oh well.

So my days in Chicago didn't exactly go as planned...
No Shedd Aquarium.
No Bean at Millinium Park.
No shopping on Magnificent Mile for birthday presents...(Hi hem...I'll be bringing presents w/ me the end of the you...sheepish grin!)

But at least I got that first day of sightseeing.
And Jimmy didn't have to spend the entire weekend alone at his conference.
And I didn't have to be sick at home alone.
And now we are home, safe and sound.

Pics were taken during earth hour.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Mad, I hate that you are sick, particularly that you were sick during your trip. Feel better soon. (PS: What a neat way to experience Earth Hour. . . and to get the full effect of so many working together for one cause.)

Stacey said...

I was either at the grocery store or Target when we had Earth hour here...needless to say, neither of them shut off their lights. I missed out!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Thanks for the condolences about TC we sure do miss her, but i also know that she is in a much happier place now.
I sure hope that you get to feeling better, what a horrible thing to be sick. Looks like a nice place

Unknown said...

Hope you get better soon!
nice shots of earth hour!

Anonymous said...

Travel = u get sick. :-( The only gift I want is for you and Jimmy to be well.

Virtual Chicken soup for you...-v

rosemary said...

There is nothing worse than being sick and away from home. You are a trooper for snapping away while feeling fluish.

Angie said...

Hope you are feeling better!!

Ginnie said...

Soooooo sorry you were sick, Mad, but it sounds like you're okay now. GOOD!